Individual attention

We recognise that every child is different and understand that student needs are highly individual. Our program is designed to be flexible in catering to those needs. It is a proven recipe for success, giving every student the skills they need to reach their goals.


Our tutors are not just teachers, but supportive mentors to their students. They use the one-on-one tutoring format to help students feel comfortable with the tutoring experience and achieve meaningful results.

Fostering independence

We are committed to supporting your child on their path to independence. We teach our students more than just the syllabus, emphasising lifelong educational values and striving to build confidence and foster a love of learning in our students.


All of our tutors are university educated and share our passion for education. They are enthusiastic, engaging and understanding individuals who know how to create an encouraging learning environment for their students.


We strive to facilitate information sharing and communication between tutors, parents and our administrative staff. We are always ready to listen to your feedback and are consistently working to improve your experience with us.


We are proud to provide a tutoring service which is affordable and accessible to all. We only charge hourly rates, with no lock-in periods or complex contracts, and we endeavour to ensure that our prices are transparent.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us.