A creative approach to education

‘Creativity’ is a skill which has been the subject of an enormous growth in demand from employers in the past three years.

But what does it mean to be creative? Traditionally, creative has been a label applied to a limited number of people, drawing a line between the arts and sciences. However, the recent push for creativity seen those boundaries being broken down. According to the Foundation for Young Australians, over a third of the ‘Top 15 Occupations Requiring Creativity’ are based in STEM subjects, such as engineering and IT.

Fittingly, this is set to be the topic of two panels at Sydney’s Vivid Festival this year, one titled ‘How to make a career out of Ideas’ and the other ‘Creativity in Education’. Alongside the Federal government’s push towards greater focus on innovation, it’s hard to ignore the truth behind a growing desire for creative thinkers. Click here for the full article.

Like most things, creativity is a skill. It can be developed and improved by applying interesting new approaches to study, even within the school curriculum. At Aspire Tuition, we encourage our students to think creatively, learning to solve problems, not just memorize content.

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